PeepSo Addons

wpForo Integration

Integrate wpForo smoothly in your PeepSo Community. Let your users share forum activities, use PeepSo ressources in the forum and make your website One Big Community.

PeepSo - wpForo Integration

Top Features


Fully integrates wpForo stats and data into PeepSo profiles. See members activities in the stream, lists their posts and topics in a new tab and gives your members the ability to change subscription settings in their profiles.


Sends notifications for new post, topics, mentions, votes and likes to your members notification system. Gives you also options to show forum activities of your members in the activity stream and in user profiles.


Make wpForo and PeepSo one big community. Add the PeepSo Toolbar to the header of your forum page and show forum related links inside the navigation of your PeepSo community.

Plugin Licenses

€39per Year
  • 1 Website
  • Automatic Updates
  • Priority Support
€99per Year
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Automatic Updates
  • Priority Support

All prices in Euro plus VAT.

All Features

Create activities and notifications for forum activities PeepSo

Redirect forum profiles to PeepSo profiles

Show forum stats of members inside their PeepSo profile

Use PeepSo avatars inside your forum

Member can change their forum notification settings inside their PeepSo profiles

Fully integrates subscription settings in your members profiles

Show the PeepSo toolbar in forum pages to make your forum and PeepSo one big community

Forum related links can be shown in the navigation of PeepSo

Use PeepSo Hovercards on forum pages

Icons from PeepSo Extras: VIP can be shown in forum author box

Show Add Friend and Private Message buttons in the forum author box